How it Works

  1. Pick a charity to receive proceeds from our list of vetted charities
  2. Pick an item you will give up in exchange for a donation to your selected charity
  3. Pick a price someone can appreciate paying for it (credit or debit only) NO CASH!
  4. Post it, and after the item sells, a minimum of Ninety Percent (90%) of the purchase price is donated to the charity selected by the seller!

See link for video tutorials and suggestions to maximize your experience!


The Ripple’s Mission

Our mission is to involve as many people in charitable activity as possible by enabling the exchange of goods and services for money to create a charitable donation, a positive impact on communities and a reduction of waste.


All shipping is to be set up between the buyer and the seller including expenses outside of the price of the item/service being sold. These options for shipping are not endorsed or indemnified by or the participating charities or sellers. These are here as options and BY NO MEANS ARE REQUIRED TO BE USED.



Uber Freight