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Currently our operation is on an indefinite hiatus as we explore how to better fulfill our mission to involve as many people and businesses in charitable activity as possible.

For the last 4 years we have done this by enabling the exchange of goods and services for money to engage in a way that creates a charitable donation, a positive impact on communities and a reduction of waste.

This is a mission that we will continue to pursue until the mission is achieved at an Extraordinary level.

However in order to reach our goals, some big changes must be made. Starting with our platform and internal strategies.

Please be patient as we navigate new partnerships with investment firms specializing in online marketplace fields, evaluation of how to improve functionalities to allow more streamlined engagement with more charities, businesses, shoppers, sellers and much much more than ever before.

In short an overhaul of our existing model needs to begin now to take on and achieve our lofty goals for the future.

We could not have made the strides to get to this point or learned what we now know about what it will take to make the level of impact we are pursuing for goodwill towards others without your help and support along the way.

Your participation and support has been appreciated beyond words.

We look forward to building back stronger, smarter and more successfully for our users as our way of saying thanks.