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Japanese Shine Art

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This reprint by Utagawa HIROSHIGE is truly a beautiful piece to have. Hiroshige lived in Japan from 1797-1858.

The shape of the Japanese ‘drum bridge’ seen here, allowed for Hiroshige to frame a view with this graceful arch. In this composition Inside Kameido Tenjin Shrine, Hiroshige places the ‘drum bridge’ in the distance. It’s steep arch frames the tea houses that border the pond.

The real frame in this image however is the wisteria trellis. The wisteria along with the bridge, made the grounds of this shrine a popular place to enjoy leisure activities. Monet must have been fond of this famous bridge since he built his own version of it with a wisteria trellis over the pond in his garden— which can be seen in the painting of the Japanese bridge later in this exhibition.

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