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I’ll interview your loved one (by phone or video call) to find out their life story, then turn it into a beautiful 100-page hardcover book with their pictures. The result will be a keepsake memoir you can pass down to children and grandchildren.

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Biography Package: Valued at $2499, offered for $2199 with purchase of this coupon

($2199 if you schedule by June 30th)

This option digs deep into a loved one’s experience, fleshes out their stories, and captures irreplaceable details. As a novelette-sized book, it reads like a memoir of a loved one’s life. It takes time to include the internal journey behind the events, and to preserve the story’s texture and color. It’s perfect if you want to make sure that future generations remember not just events, but a person.

~ 12,000-16,000 words

~ Four hours of interview

~ 100 pictures


~ Eight weeks of writing/editing

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Name: Jenny Chasteen

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