Book Cut in Half, How God Mended me with 23 Miracles by Ana Le Roux ~ Church of the Harvest


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Ana le Roux was an average thirty something mother who served God, her husband and her two children, the youngest barely three-weeks-old. But on January 5, 2003 one instant sealed her fate in an unimaginable chain of events. Le Roux was involved in a violent head on collision after she instinctively and selflessly sacrificed her life in an attempt to save the lives of her children. The impact occurred with such force that the seat belt fastened around her waste literally cut her in half! After a seemingly endless dialogue with God, she struggled indecisively to make the choice to live or to die. So, she did the only thing left to do; she relinquished her freedom of choice to God Almighty. Local Pick up in South Olathe or pay additional for Shipping.

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