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Rainbow loom set, with all the extras, includes a nice already full organization case with separate compartments full of different color bands, beads and brackets , 3 extra hooks, loom book with directions for different types of bracelets and necklaces fishtail, regular size, double wide bracelets and necklaces, instructions on how to use just the hooks to make your bracelets or necklaces if you are unable to bring the hoop hook with you, includes two loop hooks that can be attached to make longer loom lanyards or whatever you want to make. includes 10 extra bags of unopened bands of all colors. Like new, non smoking house.

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Rainbow Loom bracelet set. Includes two looms, multiple colors latex free bands, hooks 🪝, beads, letter beads, full case (that is already full with everything you need, 3 different size hooks, if you choose not to use the loom maker, & a overwhelming variety of unopened latex free bands.  Still in great condition, nonsmoking house.

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Name: Dawn Hunt

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We have always been blessed to live and provide our children with everyday essentials, we have also been blessed to provide them with the extras in life’s. This set (rainbow loom) sadly isn’t cheap, even if you wanted the basic (one loom maker, and a two pack of bands.) You can see that we were able to buy multiple bands, beads, and a case to organize them. Watching my youngest daughter making these bracelets for each of her classmates at school, was priceless. I would love for every mom to get a chance to see and feel this experience.