How It Works

“Seller” offers a good or service at a more than fair price that when purchased is paid by the “Buyer”. From there, between 90%-94% of the proceeds will be appropriated as a donation to a charity chosen by the “Seller” via electronic PayPal transaction. The “Seller” is the donor in this case and will receive a tax receipt stating that a donation of approx. 90-94% of the price of the good or service being sold has been donated in the “Seller’s” name. The remainder of the balance is distributed to cover payment processing fees and to fund The Ripple LLC operations to provide for its service so it may grow and extend its reach.

Why Us?

By using the you are empowered to stimulate the growth of the charity of your own choosing, but you also get the opportunity to pay forward items or services by making them available at gracious prices. Not only will you help others in need by supplying something they desire and can use, but you also give to a charity that can use the money generated by your gift to reach others in need and help them overcome the challenges they are facing. Why us? Because we all win.