Tips for Donors

  • Before purchasing item, be sure to physically inspect the quality, integrity, and authenticity of it before making the donation required for it. BUYER BEWARE! NEITHER THE CHARITY NOR THE RIPPLE LLC CAN OR WILL BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR AUTHENTICATING, WARRANTYING OR INDEMNIFYING ANY DEALS. The shear volume and varying locations of items to be sold is far too great to be able to inspect everything sold, so everyone is encouraged to inspect what you expect.
  • There is a video feature on our product page to help with confirmation of legitimacy. If you are posting an item that is more unique than others, has faults or special features, this is a great way to show how amazing the item truly is. Get creative!!! If you are posting an experience similar to an all-access tour of a prime venue or all-access to an event or a one-of-a-kind item like a “game worn” uniform, autographed football, previously owned memorabilia of a star, etc., it is encouraged to use the video option to post when a picture just doesn’t cut it. This way you remove doubt that the item is anything other than what it appears to be.
  • PRICE ITEMS GRACIOUSLY! We all want to help generate the most money for our favorite charity, but The Ripple LLC encourages everyone to remember you are blessing people in the process of the donation as well. Helping others affordably furnish homes, clothe children, complete projects around the house, etc. is a righteous act in itself. We want our page to be known as the place to go to increase exposure for righteous causes, funds for righteous causes, and to get great deals on items of value. Please keep those things in mind when posting/pricing to make the most of everyone’s experience.
    P.S.- Hey, if someone insists on giving even more than you are asking for, you can always edit your post and switch the price on your item accordingly, via mobile app. Its a breeze! And don’t be surprised when someone offers to do this. We all can make our own ripples in different ways here!
  •  The sale of any narcotics or illegal services will not be permitted and will be reported to the appropriate authorities immediately.  Furthermore if you see any inappropriate or suspicious activity such as x-rated or hate-filled posts, potential scams, or just plain offensive posts, language etc., please report the incident to our “contact” page. This is located in the main header under Contact. Our site is intended to be pleasant for all users and we will not tolerate anything we deem inappropriate or commonly offensive as outlined above.
  • Delivery of items is to be arranged between the buyer and seller. NEITHER THE RIPPLE LLC NOR THE CHARITY WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR PROVIDING DELIVERY OF THE ITEM BEING SOLD. Before viewing the item for sale, you may want to inquire on size, weight, dimensions, and any pertinent information to be sure you are prepared to take the item home safely. Also be mindful to bring rope, straps, nets, or any other supplies needed to arrive home safely with your new item.
  • Be sure you are listing in “description” the best way to contact you for meet up. Buyers will need either a phone# or email address for methods of communication and rough area of the city you can meet up at included in your initial post. However, when posting items for sale, be mindful to not disclose unnecessary information in the description such as your personal address, full names, hours you are away from your home during the day, or anything a thief or criminal could use for ulterior motives. Some of this information could be needed eventually, but not until arrangements to complete deal are being done. This exact information is not necessary on your initial post. Let them know rough area to meet and a rough time if you want to supply that information up front and you can get more detailed with information as you feel more comfortable.
  • Remember to check your items for any other forgotten items inside of them, then double check! Furniture and clothes are common hiding spots and can have valuable and sentimental items in them that you may have forgotten about. If an item is sold with something else inside of it, neither the The Ripple LLC nor the charity will be responsible for assisting with getting the item back.
  • Promote your garage sell, craft fair, bake sale etc by picking an item or two from the sale to be able to have in exchange for donation. This will allow you to promote other items you may have for sale when customers come to see your posted item. TIP: The video option is recommended for this feature to show all of the other items that are available for purchase and not for donation.
  • ALL SALES MUST BE COMPLETED BY ELECTRONIC FUNDS TRANSFER. (Ex: credit or debit card). This is very important as the PayPal transaction is what prompts our software to pull the item off of the website so it will no longer be shown for sale, prompts the generation of the tax receipt for the donation in the sellers name and populated into a ledger that is kept for bookkeeping to get the charities paid. This means no cash or checks please.
  • Photos on posts showing up sideways??? Hold your phone horizontally to help correct this.
  • When naming post we advise to not just say Ex:Bicycle  Instead try Ex: Bicycle-Charity ABC.  This will put the name of the benefitting charity in front of the audience one extra time and will help maximize exposure for our great participating charities.
  • Also please see our YouTube link below for tutorials and guidance on how to use the site to get the most out of this!